February/March 2008

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Here are some of the more likely reasons as to why a legal termination may be considered by the gynaecologist:
•  Severe heart disease. If pregnancy is complicated by severe forms of heart disease, and cardiac surgery to the mother is impractical, then termination may be the only way out for her, to save her own life.
•  Chest disease. T.B. is rare today, but occasionally this may be a reason, particularly if the patient is unable to tolerate her medication.
•  Kidney disease. If the kidneys are severely diseased, it may be imperative to terminate the pregnancy.
•   Psychiatric conditions. Certain cases bene­fit from a termination. (Indeed, this is the aspect most openly abused. However, the doctor should genuinely assess each case that presents, and make a decision after carefully examining the full case-history.)
•  Cancer. Malignant disease in young women is often rapidly growing, and may prove fatal in the event of pregnancy. Such a patient would be a certain candidate for termination.
•  Disorders of pregnancy. Sometimes severe symptoms occurring in pregnancy warrant termination.
•  Viral infections. Rubella contracted in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy is almost certain to yield severe congenital malformations. Termination is usually offered to these women. Some other viral infections are also possible reasons for interference.
•  Rh disease. Certain severe cases of Rh disease warrant termination.
•  ''Eugenic reasons.''Some high-risk preg­nancies warrant termination, particularly when it is suspected with a high degree of accuracy (and this is often possible today with newer concepts of prenatal diagnosis) that the infant will be mentally defective or malformed. (Conditions in this category include Down's syndrome - mongols, and infants with spina bifida, a serious malformation of the spinal system.)
•  Sexual assault:Rape, incest, and similar forms of sexual assault are also considered to be suitable reasons for legal termination.


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