April/May 2008

Dallas’ Affluent Lifestyle Magazine

SV: Many of us are Fashion Sybils—the chick who mommies, careers, lunches, shops, ranches, Harleys, black-ties and occasionally just hangs at home. She juggles wardrobes for all her “personalities,” but her faves are jeans and sweats. But you have a beef with sweats and track suits …

CK:   Yes I do. There are comfortable clothes that every woman should have that are not sweats. So many women are walking around in sweats and those track suits today. It is so not attractive. It doesn’t show your shape at all. You don’t want to show skin all the time, but at least show your shape. It’s much better to wear a pair of hip jeans that fit you perfectly. This is an essential in your wardrobe. Not every jean looks good on the “over 40” body. I recommend just a few brands in the book that work every time—Paige Premium Denim, Citizens Save Humanity, Joe’s Jeans, and Seven. One of these jeans will work for you. Don’t wear super low-riders, or you’ll have a big muffin top. And you must be able to bend over without showing your thong. Lastly, check the length. Wear jeans a quarter of an inch from the floor … too short looks OL. Purchase or have them hemmed according to the shoes you are going to wear.

“Aging sucks!” Wise words from veteran beauty editor and style expert of NBC’s Today show, Charla Krupp. Penning the new beauty bible How Not to Look Old, Krupp gives us permission and encouragement to refuse to grow old gracefully. Stop with the Old Lady—OL. Amen! Looking young and hip— Y&H—is easy with her straight-shooting advice, specific dos and don’ts, brand-name dropping and comprehensive plan of attack from head (lighten your hair) to toe (step into sexy heels).

Krupp has appeared on numerous segments and television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Dateline NBC and Good Morning America. She’s also a regular on
E! channel and the Home Shopping Network. A former beauty director at Glamour, senior editor at InStyle, beauty editor at People: Style Watch, executive editor of Shop Etc. and currently a columnist for More magazine, Krupp gives Southern Vanity readers fast and effortless ways to look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter, and 10 times better

Excerpt from the Interview:

SV: Let’s assume we all have clothing and accessories in our
closet from “once upon a time” and on up to last Saturday’s
shopping spree. Give us a few easy but effective steps to
begin the de-cluttering process.

CK: This is the number-one step of how not to look old and it doesn’t cost a dime. Go through everything in your closet and lingerie drawer. Throw out anything that isn’t going to make you feel powerful, sexy, professional or whatever you want to feel right now. Many women are in a state of transition, moving onto the second act of their life. They no longer are stay-at-home moms because the children are grown. They may not be doing the same thing professionally as they once did or might even be entering the workplace for the first time ever or at least in a very long time. So, we have to be much more demanding of our clothes and underwear.

SV: Name one fashion accessory no woman should be without today.

CK:   A fabulous long necklace, like a long chain necklace,
either in gold or silver—something long that hangs below your bust line that looks cool..

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